Creative WP-450 Review: Wireless Headset with Mic Features

Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Creative WP-450 wireless Bluetooth headphone is good looking headphone with high performance audio channels. It is manufactured by Creative brand. It is a black color headphone which contains many features as compared to other speakers. Unique features and high performance audio channels can produce high quality sound with good entertainment value. Cost of Creative WP-450 wireless Bluetooth headphones is very low and also have a good rating on Amazon (4.2 out of 5 stars). It is one of the recommended headphones for people who love high quality music and comfort.
Creative WP-450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 
One of the main features is that wireless technology in Creative WP-450 headphone. It is a wireless headphone which uses Bluetooth connectivity technology. Bluetooth connectivity helps Wp-450 wireless headphone to connect with devices which supports Bluetooth connection like Music players, mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc. Bluetooth enables to efficient transmission of signals to WP-450 headphone. So, we get high quality, crystal clear stereo sound.  

Features of Creative WP-450 Wireless Headphones
  • Low cost headphone
  • Less weight and fold-able design enables portability
  • Bluetooth connectivity with high quality sound transmission
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB charging cables
  • AptX technology
  • Clear speech engine technology
  • Various control buttons
  • Wide range and fuss free wireless connection
  • Neodymium driver
Creative WP-450 contains an invisible mic. The invisible mic feature enables to attend phone calls and talk friends with high quality audible sound. We can attend phone calls with one click answer button when we are watching movies or listening music. It also enables to take phone calls even if our mobile phone or Smartphone is far away up to 10 meters.

Bluetooth connection enables a wide range of transmission of signals with high quality. AptX technology feature in WP-450 wireless headphone always checks the quality of sound transmitted. It also free from external noises or interference is very less compared to Radio frequency signal transmission.

Video Review

Creative WP-450 wireless Bluetooth headphone is a portable speaker. Portability is enabled by the folding design of Wp-450 wireless headphone. It is a hinge type folding design which helps to transfer this headphone from one place to another. It is a comfortable headphone which easily fits around our ear. It contains very soft long lasting leatherette ear cushion provide the best comfort to the ears.

Another cool feature of Creative WP-450 wireless headphone is that sound quality technology. Creative WP-450 contains neodymium drivers which is a precisely tuned driver. It can produce accurate and high quality sound when listening music or watching movies. This wireless Bluetooth headphone also contains Clear speech engine feature. It helps to reduce the noises and enhances the quality of speeches through this low price headphone. It also contains various controls like volume, play/pause, skip and call buttons on the surface of the ear cup. It also has USB cables for charging purposes. Rechargeable lithium ion battery is used in creative WP-450 headphones.  

The Pros

  • High quality sound with portability
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Low cost headphone, ($79 at Amazon)
  • Ear cup contains control buttons
  • Compatible with devices which supports Bluetooth connectivity

The Cons

  • Only works in Bluetooth supported devices


In my opinion, Creative WP 450 wireless Bluetooth headphones are good wireless headphone with high quality sound and compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices. It is a perfect headphone for watching movies in your laptop or tablets. I recommend this headphone to people who love great music with high quality, comfort and value.  

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